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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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("he's a rebel" by the crystals begins) (schoolbell rings) ♪ see the way he walks down the street ♪ ♪ watch the way he shuffles his feet ♪ ♪ my, he holds his head up high ♪ ♪ when he goes walking by he's cute, right? ♪ he's my guy ♪ when he holds my hand, i'm so proud ♪ ♪ 'cause he's not just one of therowd... ♪ (spits) do you mind? ♪ to try the things they've never done ♪ ♪ just because of that they say ♪ ♪ he's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good ♪ ♪ he's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should ♪
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♪ and just because he doesn't do what anybody else does... ♪ watch this, baby doll. leave the new kid alone, red. what's your bag, man? gloria thinks the new kid's cherry. aah! you're thicker than a five-dollar malt, surprised you can read. what the hell? look at what we got here! he's a she! and he's a jackass! (students gasping and murmuring) ♪
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♪ valens: boss wants to see me. iad is wrapping it up, finally. what do you got? well, vera's talking to this guy-- info on a floater from '63. drowned in a lake at fdr. he got a name? she. wait, that's a boy. right? wrong. samantha randall, 16. the body wasd up a half-mile down from the bridge. suicide point-- that bridge. ain't our jurisdiction when teenagers jump. only our guy says she didn't. i've been a drunk my whole life, but i... i got sober this year. i got six mont.
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good for you. in aa, they say that you're only sick as your secrets. anytime you want to get to the point, bub. the point is, everybody said that girl jumped from the bridge, but she didn't. and how do you know? 'cause i was on the bridge that night. well, maybe your memory's a little fuzzy. i heard a car pull up and then this little splash. i look down in the water and a girl floats by right in front of me. you're here to clear your conscience, right, maurice? so why don't you se us the song and dance, admit you did it. i admit those were dark times, but not that dark. the only one i wasilling was myself. there was no water in her lungs. not likely she drowned. saying she was dead when she hit the water? no one caught it back then? wasn't going for a midnight swim in this red dress.
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so somebody dumped her. tough to kill yourself if you're already dead. captioning sponsored by warner bros. television
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have a seat, scotty. nah, i'm... good. iad is recommending suspension-- 30 days, unpaid. just like that, huh? they're citing procedure, perimeter. you've been around long enough to know how it goes. so, do i just... leave now? if i thought you were wrong, you'd be gone by now. get back to work. yeah, but... i'm suspended, right? they recommended suspension. so, you got to come up with a counteroffer now, or something? do your job, scotty; let me do mine. samantha randall, some kids found her body
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washed up at fdr park. yup, it's a girl. not where i come from. i was a tomboy when i was little. used to beat my brotrs arm wrestling. guessing you didn't take it this far, though. to each their own. a classmate said samantha ly wore boys' clothes. until the night she died, that is. well, she was the new kid in town. enrolled at grays ferry high school, couple months before she died. kids must've loved her. the cops ruled it a suicide, chalked it up to her... behavior problem. ran away from home every few weeks, had three arrests for public intoxication. we thinking she was gay? back in '63 that w a disease. could've been acting out, confused. doer might've taught "the freak" a lesson. put her in a dress to drive the point home. so how did she die? the marks on her temples might be bruises, burns? i'll see if she got family left. find out just how rough this tomboy had it.
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archie randall? you found him. philly homicide. i got some questions, if you don't mind. i'm looking intoat is th your daughter's death. i don't understand. sam... killed herself. you told officers she was having behavior problems. well, you would, too, if your mom died when you were little. i raised her on my own. did the best i could anyway. was she always a tomboy? like the son i never had. what kind of troubles?ee forts and play in the mu oh, sassing her teachers. and skipping school and fighting. got kicked out of... a few high schools upstate.
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that why you moved to grays ferry? twice we had to pack up and move to a new town. we were damned lucky not to end up in the poorhouse. i hope you don't mind me asking, but sam's alternative behavior... how far did it go? i'm not sure i catch your meaning. did your daughter prefer the company of other girls? oh, no, no, no. she wasn't one of those. can you think of anyone who would want to hurt your daughter? i got to admit sam didn't have a lot of friends. she always acted like it was her against the world. ("runaround sue" by dion begins) ♪ hey, hey, whoa... it's hard adjusting to a new school. isn't that right, sam? red picked on me. so why am i the one who's brought in here? because you can't come to school dressed like a... that. you want me to dress like a girl 'cause it makes meatheads like red feel better? you'll dress like a girl because you are a girl, samantha. it's sam! sam is a boy's name. let's get that straight.
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does your mother ever take you shopping for clothes, dear? she has a closet full of skirts at home. price tags are still on all of them. girls like her run into all kinds of trouble later in life. personality disorders, alcohol abuse. there are placesf trouble that can help her,ife. if she's not willing to change. let's nip this in the bud now, shall we? why can't i just be who i am? and who, or what, exactly is that? now, it says here you've registered for shop class? yeah, i want to learn how to build a turbo engine from scratch. i've taken the liberty of enrolling you in home economics instead. why?! so i can change diapers and make pudding cups for stiffs like you? sam! why can't you just leave me alone?! hey, new kid... you get the dress yet? what dress? oh, well, ever since homeroom, everyone's saying you're the shoo-in for homecoming queen. sit and spin!
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oh, you must be real proud, pops. dom barron, what a surprise. excuse me. ♪ keep away from sue... no one was on her side... not even me. this dom barron-- he said sam should wear a dress? kids were always cruel to her. he and sam ever get into it again? i don't know. she shut me out of her life. guess i can't blame her. i used to tell her... "it's a phase. "when you're older, you'll look back and laugh at yourself for acting this way." guess i was wrong. (sighs)
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(door bell jangles) you here to pick up or place an order? we want to talk to you about sam randall. that's a name i haven't heard in a while. she died back in '62, '63, right? november '63. we think someone killed her. my god. found wearing a dress, just like you said she should. i, uh, used to shoot my mouth off all the time. thought i was a real badass, but i was just a bored kid. had quite a rap sheet at the tender age of 16. mm-hmm. breaking and entering, trespassing... yeah, i skipped school, too. wanna write that down? i didn't kill her.
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where were you the night she died? home. trying to keep dad from beating mom unconscious. real norman rockwell stuff. valens: she ... you off, didn't she? sam? hell, yeah. she ... everyone off. that's what i liked about her. sang you got familiar? it must've hurt your reputation. i didn't give a damn what the other kids thought. we both didn't fit in... made us cool. well, how did this great friendship start? bunch of guys used to drag race out in the pines. once sam found out about it, nothing could keep her away. ("walk like a man" begins) ♪ ooh-whoo-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh... ♪ red: let's go, boys. thought you'd chicken out. nah, wouldn't miss it for the world, red.
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this heap of rust ain't gonna break 50. what are you squawking about? this heap of rusti spent months ain't gonnworking on this baby. how much fuel you got in there? about a quarter tank. that's too much. pop it. hey, hey, what are you doing? i don't let just anyone touch my car. i know everything about engines. trust me, will ya? (hood slams shut) (red laughs) man, you must be desperate. so, red, what are we racing for? how 'bout pink slips? nah, you can keep that jalopy. let's bet her instead. one date. it's a deal. my car for your girl. we're gonna leave your lead sled in the dust, candy-ass. "we"? yeah we're partners. let's lay some rubber! ♪ gonna get along somehow
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(engines rev) ♪ soon you'll be cryin' ♪ on account of all your lyin' ♪ oh, yeah, just look who's laughing now ♪ ♪ ooh-whoo-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh... ♪ (engines revving) janey: ready? go! ♪ soon you'll be cryin' ♪ on account of all your lyin' ♪ oh, yeah, just look who's laughing now ♪ ♪ walk like a man, talk like a man ... ♪ (cheering and applause) whoo! whoo! yeah! what'd you put in the tank? moonshine! told you we'd win, didn't i?! full of all sorts of surprises, ain't you? (chuckling): yeah! ♪ ooh-whoo-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-h-ooh... ♪ you cheated, you freak. climb it, tarzan. hey, hey, we won fair and square, red.
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lay off the kid. if you think you can screw red buckley over, you're crazier than you look. (song fades) sam was fun. and she knew what it was like to be an outsider. like you. sam was my only friend. what about red? he ever make good on his threat? must've. if she didn't kill herself, right? thanks for your time. the town bully loses his pride and his girl in the same night. blames sam for his woes. you have to be chicken to not get revenge.
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[ music, indistinct talking on tv ] you're eating all the ammo, sir. remember your training. your whole life has been leading to this moment. [ blows ] [ woman shrieks ] ♪
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[ woman shrieks ]
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he giving gordon hell? and the chief detectives. (exhales) guess i should pack my bags. looks like john's giving as good as he gets.
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red buckley. i've been asking around about you. if i knew cops were this cute, i'd have come in sooner, saved you the trouble. you had quite the bad boy reputation in high school. ladies' man, into hot rods... still got that little chevy in my backyard if you'd like to take a spin. tempting. (chuckles) drag races t in the pines. undefeated all through high school. that car was a rocket. actually, i heard different. this one legendary night, when you got served your ass on a plate, by a girl. who, sam randall? (chuckles) that wasn't a girl. you bullied sam. hated her for showing you up. if she would just put on a skirt, us guys would've let her be. threatened by her, weren't you, red?
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freaked out, more like. everyone was, even the girls. saying she got into it with them? well, you know how you females can be. ("big girls don't cry" begins) vicious. ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ big girls d't cry ♪ serve it up, gals. red's a hungry man. i can't believe you get credit for this. red knows who the winner is. he's tasted my pie before. i bet he has. i'm sorry, son. did you say something? (girls giggling) don't flip your wig... (gasping) nice apron. you ought to try lipstick sometime. oh, so i can look like a ditz, too? at least i'm not a lesbo. (laughing) how many hours a day do you spend caking it on, stuffing your bra? just wondering. these are primo, 100% real. you should try it.
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looking like a girl, i mean. lotta work being a skirt. no, thanks. look, butch, i don't know how they dressed at your last school, but at grays ferry, girls look like this. you might want to take some notes. (red laughing) hey! looks like somewhere there's a pony missing its tail. i'll get you back, lesbo. you've messed with the wrong girl. ♪ baby, i'm a fool... (song fades) sounds like janey had a nasty little temper. once, some chick winked at me at the drive-in. janey gave her a black eye. and sam grabbed the tiara right off the beauty queen's head, so to speak. trust me. you didn't want to cross janey davis if you knew what was good for you. where were you at the homecoming dance. spent most of it behind the gym,
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trying to get some off... melissa lauer. (moans) i'll track melissa down. see what she says. let me know if she's single. sam randall made a fool out of you. exposed you as a fake. and she was right. i was the belle of the ball exposewith my bullet bra and war paint. take it you're more evolved than that now. i like to think so. what made you change, janey? guilt, maybe? no, living through the feminist movement. it changed my life. come a long way since high school. when you threatened sam randall. i had a score to settle, but not witham. with sam's friend, dom. he stood me up for our stupid date. what does this have to do with sam's murder? i went to find him, give him a piece of my mind. he and sam were at the lake. in fdr park? mm-hmm.
4:28 pm
their regular hangout. that's when i found out what sam really was. ("you really got a hold on me" begins) (dom groans) damn, it's hot. i thought you were taking janey to see dr. no tonight. nah, blew it off. why? i was going to take her parking, but i'd still have to talk to her on the ride home. (chuckles) a lot of chicks are like that. no offense. ha, ha. ♪ you really got a hold on me you live here your whole life? only place in this damn town you can breathe. this spot. nobody's judging you, trying to make you something you're not.
4:29 pm
wish we could stay here forever. why don't you act like them? girls, i mean. i don't care. i'm just wondering. this is just the way i am. i don't know what that makes me. it just feels right, you know? yeah, i think so. i used to ask santa for matchbox cars every christmas. he brought me a barb one year and i bawled my eyes out. (both chuckle) i'm not trying to be anybody else. just me. well, we'll never let them change us. always be free. or die trying. deal? deal. ♪ oh, i want to split now...
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so, uh... do you like chicks? i mean the way i do? no. so who do you like? ♪ you really got a hold on me well... i like you. ♪ all i want you to do is just ♪ hold me ♪ please ♪ hold me ♪ squeeze ♪ hold me, hold me... what the hell are you doing? i don't know. i'm not some queer! i just want to be withou, dom, i'm sorry. shut up! you try that again... and i'll beat your head in. dom! ♪ you really got a hold on me ♪ you really got a ho on me ♪ (fades): ♪ i said you really got a hold... ♪ i know. it was confusing. you can say that again. and i made sure it got around the next day at school.
4:31 pm
(knocking) excuse me. so the gender-bending girl makes a pass at the loner bad boy and everyone knows. maybe dom wasn't such a sensitive guy after all. she was a boy... inside of a girl who liked a boy? that about sums it up. making my head hurt here. yeah, that's probably why cops dropped it like a hot potato. still don't explain the marks on her head. yeah, that's probably or why she ended up in girls' clothes the night she died. dom's got a little explaining to do. will, want to step in r a sec? sure. i'm going to need you to keep an eye on things around here for a little while. what do you mean? well, you're the senior man on the squad. they'll listen to you. have a seat. what's going on, john? i'm gonna have to take a 30-day rip, starting friday.
4:32 pm
i can use the time. i haven't been fishing in six years. iad? they're suspending you? i told them i signed off on the shooting and burrell. scotty's hands were tied. so you're taking the hit. scotty's a good cop. doesn't need some stink on his rep. and you do? (chuckles) i'm set. i've been around long enough, i don't have to worry about who's coming after me. i don't know what to say. well... say you'll keep the trains running. just for 30 days? well, who knows... i might ta a shine to it. come on. you can't leave this. what part? the hours? t politics? seriously, john, what are you gonna do? i don't know. but maybe it's time i found out. to lazy afternoons fishing. to old friends.
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i heard sam got fresh with you at the lake. miller: in '63, you get caught in a clinch with a girl who's really a boy, don't look too good. i didn't kiss her. witness says it got pretty hot and heavy. i'm not... that way. what way? sam looked... like a boy. you've seen pictures. it was, uh, confusing. i'll bet it was. especially when the whole school found out. about you and your buddy. made you a little light in your loafers by association. best way to rehab your reputation was to get rid of the freak. she wasn't a freak! she... she was just lost. i should have handled it differently. and not killed her, you mean? i didn't kill her. i-i... i shut her out.
4:38 pm
i gave her the cold shoulder. but you didn't give a damn about what the other kids thought, right? wrong. i did. and i abandoned sam when she needed me the most. ("end of the world" begins) ♪ why does the sun go on shining? ♪ ♪ why does the sea rush to shore? ♪ ♪ don't they know ♪ it's the end of the world ♪ 'cause you don't love me anymore ♪ (laughing) ah, looky here, she's crying. boys don't cry. you a boy, huh? or you just like kissing them? (desks clattering) so you a queer now, too? gotta make up your mind what you are, freak.
4:39 pm
you want to get with boys, you gotta look like a girl. let go of me, you dumb, ugly lug. (boy laughing) (sam cries out) (sam cing) ♪ i wake up in the morning sam: no! (red grunts) ♪ and i wonder you want to be a girl, huh? i'll show you what a girl is. no! no! hold her still! (sam crying) principal: samantha randall. (sam crying) my office now! (sobbing) ♪ why does my heart... sam had more guts and integrity than anyone that school. including me. what did the principal do? called her father. yanked her out of school, i guess. sam was expelled? her dad came to pick her up that day.
4:40 pm
i never saw her again. miller: archie lied to us. had to pull up stakes again. maybe he didn't have any more moves left in him. never told us sam got kicked out of grays ferry. what was that? third high school in three years? not sure what you're getting at here. your daughter thought she was a boy and had a nasty temper to boot. i loved sam. i only wanted what was best for her. couldn't move again though, could you? you were at your wits' end. i didn't know what else to do. so you lost your temper. jeffries: maybe things got out of hand. you hit her, archie? oh, no. i did something much worse. her diagnosis is gender identity disorder. at brook view, we teach girls like samantha to dress, talk, and walk like ladies. how? what will you do to her? behavior modification, medication.
4:41 pm
worst case scenario, electroconvulsive therapy. i don't know about that. you do want what's best for your daughter, don't you? of course i do. it's just that sam's never been away from home before. we can help her. why, just last month, a former patient got engaged to be married. get me outta here. don't make this harder than it already is, sam. i'll be good. i'll change. i'll wear whatever you want. she won't need these boys' clothes anymore. samantha will be wearing a dress like a normal girl when we're done. (sobbing): daddy, please. dad, please don't make me stay here. i am sorry, samantha. i love you, no, daddy, please. but it-it's the only way. (sobbing): daddy, i'll be good. daddy, please! daddy, please! (door closes) no...! (archie sobbing) please, daddy! i promise! she was calling for me... and i just walked away.
4:42 pm
i thought i was doing the right thing. how long was she at that hospital? um, um... two weeks. then she ran away. that's what they told me. same night she died? maybe... maybe if she wasn't scared i'd bring her back to that place, maybe she would've come home. thanks for your time, mr. randall. hospital's probably where she got the red dress. electroconvulsive therapy. explains the burn marks on her temples. hospital goes too far, ends up with a dead teenager on their hands. and someone at brook view covered it up.
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you got something? been looking into brook view. the nuthouse where sam randall was admitt. shut down in '72 after three teenagers went through ect, got deep-fried. electroconvulsive therapy? still experimental back then. current too high, patients came out brain-dead. who was her doctor? russell kearns. died of cancer in '85. oh, great. we got any other leads? polly leonard, a nurse at sam's school. also worked the night shift
4:48 pm
on the gender disorder ward at brook view. quit right around the time sam died. we bringing her in? already did. all right. good work. jeffries said you're taking my suspension. wasn't yours to take, scotty. it ain't right. water under the bridge. it's done. well, thanks for... looking out. nurse leonard is waiting. right. you coming, boss? as i said, i barely remember that girl. you were zapping so many patients at brook view, it's hard to keep them all straight.
4:49 pm
we know about the other zombies the hospital churned out. three to be exact. all under your care. it was horrible what they were doing to those young people. terrible. you just stood by and let it happen. doctors don't listen to nurses. it was out of my hands. then why did you quit? after sam died, you just ran for the hills. i didn't run for any damn hills. my whole life i've been holding my tongue watching men make mistakes. but i begged dr. kearns to stop. but doctors don't listen to nurses. i truly thought that we were helping in the beginning. but sam had so much fight in her. they did everything they could to snuff it out. and one more time. pull out your chair. lower yourself slowly
4:50 pm
into the seat. don't plop. excellent progress, samantha. kearns (overa): don't scrape the chair, felicia. and, hands in your laps. lovely. louise! louise, do you want dr. kearns to send you back to the ect room? and now, let's move on to grooming. today is lipstick. remove the cap. place the lid on the table. hold the compact mirror open in your left palm.
4:51 pm
now start at the center of the upper lip and move down to the right. no. kearns: you must participate if you're going to get better. but i can't get better if i'm not sick! you know this isn't right. you have no idea what these people are capable of, sam. just do it. put on the lipstick. now! you put on the lipstick, buster! and while you're at it, sit and spin! i'm not crazy! this is crazy! not us! you will behave like a young lady! you can call me a lady or a freak or a delinquent. i don't care! no! there's nothing wrong with me! no! no! no! sam was right.
4:52 pm
there was nothing wrong with her. i just couldn't stand watching them destroy her. so i quit. left her there to rot, too. that's real noble of you. oh, i found a friend of hers from school. and i let him know what happened. her friend? you mean dom barron? he was the onlone who talked to her. he seemed to be the type who would do e right thing, even if he had to do something against the rules. you told him to save her. it was my first and last act of rebellion. how did he get past the hospital gate? hmm. i gave him the key. (door bell rings)
4:53 pm
beautiful work. you're not here to talk about stained glass. are you? it's the same image, over and over, in every piece. that one figure, alone against the world. kind of like sam. i already told you. we were just friends. it's hard to believe. seeing this. hypothetically speaking, if you love a girl who's actually a boy inside, what does that make you? i... didn't, uh... love sam. then why'd you save her? boy, girl... just words, right? defines what's on the outside, not what's in here. why are you doing this? you made a deal. at the lake. to never let 'em change you. die trying. miller: that's why you brought her back there.
4:54 pm
the one place she could be free. she was. free. in the end. i made sure of that. yocouldn't put a name on what you had, but it still mattered. oh... it was the only thing that mattered. that's why i went to her. come on, sam. let's go. i'm getting you out of here. let's go! sam? sam?
4:55 pm
hey. sam. come back. come back. come back. please, sam. please come back. i blew it. i know i let you down, but you gotta come back 'cause we had a deal. we had a deal. remember? at the lake? to never let them change us, to always be free or die trying. huh? you remember? make me free.
4:56 pm
no, i can't. i won't. i won't do that, sam, i... i won't, no way. no way! i-i know you're in there, sam. i know it's you! come on. i won't do that. you hear me? i won't. i won't. don't i look pretty? now you do. ♪
4:57 pm
("everybody loves me but you" by brenda lee begins) ♪ why did i listen ♪ to my friends ♪ when they told me what to do ♪ yes, i still have my friends ♪ but i don't have you ♪ and like true frids
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♪ they still come around ♪ and say, "i'm sorry you're blue" ♪ ♪ oh ♪ everybody loves me but you ♪ why did i listen ♪ to my friends ♪ when they told me what to do ♪ yes, i still have my friends ♪ but i don't have you ♪ and like true friends ♪ they still come around ♪ and say, "i'm sorry you're blue" ♪
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♪ oh ♪ everybody loves me but you. ♪ yes like true friends ♪ they still come around ♪ and say, "i'm sorry you're blue" ♪ ♪ oh ♪ everybody loves me but you. captioning sponsored by warner bros. television


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